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Hello, Guten Tag, Bonjour, Bongiorno, Bienvenidos,

Perhaps you already know GP2R ? Perhaps you were already on vacation with us? If so, then we have not to tell you no more a great deal about us. If not, we beg you to allow us to introduce us to you briefly:
Günter Partsch - Rencontres Reisen is an enterprise with legal seat in Viernheim (Germany) specialized in services round the topics 'travel and vacation'. Based on sporadic demands regarding accommodations for individual tourists, families and small groups some years ago, we were able in the first instance to cover the requirement with the holiday houses in France already known to us. However, when the demand became greater and greater, we went in search of new houses also in Italy, Spain and Belgium, Netherlands, England enabling us to extend our programme. We borrowed the name for our domain ‚feriengites' from the French language. We borrowed the name for our domain ‚feriengites' from the French language. Gite means an accommodation or apartment mostly situated on the country. At the same time, with a Gîte is also combined the hospitality by the house owners who will help you to detect country and people and to find another life rhythm during your vacations. We personally combine all these criteria with a holiday house, too and therefore, we came quickly to a resolution when searching an adequate name as only this type of holiday houses comes into consideration for our customers.
In addition to our present holiday house quotation, we would be very glad to help you also in the case of the organization resp. the procurement of houseboats as well as ferry boat passages or the carrying out of various leisure activities (paddle tours, mountainbike tours, language courses etc.). Should you have not found a suitable "Gîte" in our present program, you may also look in our domain for group accomodations and group trips here you will eventually find an appropriate accomodation. You may be assured that we will be fully engaged in order to reduce for you the organizational burden occuring previously to your holiday thus enabling you and your family, your friends and acquaintances to start leisurely with your journey. Of course, we are also pleased to hear from you and we are gladly at your entire disposal in case of all questions of holiday planning and leisure time organization. Oh! Before we will forget it. Please contact also our offer page on which you will find purposeful offers for holiday houses.
Günter Partsch- Rencontres Reisen

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